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Coil Tubing Lays the Groundwork for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Adoption

When selecting tubing for hydrogen fuel delivery, be sure to choose a tube product that can ensure safety, reliability and efficiency over long distances.

Small-Diameter Steel Tubing Satisfies Strict Medical Device Requirements

HandyTube small-diameter tubing can help the medical device industry reduce device size and advance patient care.

Get Design Help For Stainless Steel Tubing

Seamless coil tubing is used in a variety of applications from solar dishes to hydraulic lines. Here are four things that you may not know about HydroTube’s seamless stainless steel tubing.

How HandyTube Produces Tubing With Consistent Quality

Unlike conventional tubing, HandyTube’s long-length coiled tubing greatly reduces the factors that can otherwise affect tube consistency and quality.

Don’t Forget Burst Pressure During Tube Selection

Here’s how to work with your tubing provider to find a tube that can sustain your application’s burst pressure.

Inert Coatings Enhance Stainless Steel Tubing Performance

HandyTube has partnered with SilcoTek® to further enhance the performance of our stainless steel tubing for those scientific and industrial applications that demand additional surface treatments.

Safe, Economical Long-Distance Tubing for High-Pressure Applications

When transporting high-pressure media through long lengths of stainless steel tubing, you want to have as few welds as possible. More welds equate to more risk to your system’s safety and reliability. Excessive welds also drive up installation costs.

How Our Thin, Long-Length Tubes Benefit High-Precision Applications

HandyTube makes long-length tubing with ±0.001-inch inner and outer diameter tolerances to optimize performance and reliability in precision applications.

Protective Coatings for Stainless Steel Tubing: Application Makes the Difference

For jobs that have strict requirements for protection or non-sticking, HandyTube stainless steel tubing can be coated with recommended SilcoTek® coatings featuring chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

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