Our Company

HandyTube, a Handy & Harman Ltd. company, has nearly 70 years of tube-making experience and provides high-quality, seamless stainless steel coil tubing to a wide range of industries including aerospace, chemical manufacturing, medical, alternative energy and military. Our efficient, reliable and lean manufacturing processes enable us to produce tubing to an exceptional high standard, supporting our customers who require highly pure, strong and durable components to meet their project goals.

Our tubing manufacturing capabilities include:

  • The longest tube coils available on the market
  • Consistent mechanical and dimensional properties
  • Truly seamless tubing with no defect-prone welds

Quality Policy

We will strive to consistently exceed our customer's expectations in quality, delivery, and service as we continuously improve our processes and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System while adhering to all regulatory and statutory requirements.

HandyTube History

1867 Handy & Harman was founded as a precious metals company.

1892 Handy & Harman set the domestic-traded silver price.

1905 Handy & Harman diversified its business to include brazing alloys.

1948 Handy & Harman Tube Division was founded in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

1981 Camdel Metals Long Coil Division was founded in Camden, Delaware.

2006 HandyTube Precision Materials product line was added to Camdel Metals.

2022 A diversified global industry leader, Handy & Harman Ltd. is committed to providing value through superior innovation, operations and customer service. With a presence across eight countries, Handy & Harman Ltd. and its subsidiaries employ over 3,400 people at 39 locations.

Lean manufacturing and customer service

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our manufacturing processes to help us eliminate waste, streamline processes and reduce our inventory. All standard and custom products are delivered fast and our on-site sales and engineering support will help you with your toughest challenges.

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