We manufacture our tubing using alloys that can withstand corrosive, high-pressure and high-temperature environments, making our products ideal for geothermal energy systems or other applications that involve heated liquids, such as solar dishes. Our tubing also meets stringent specifications for demanding environments — including high working pressures.

In addition, we design our tubing to safely transmit highly flammable gasses, such as hydrogen, liquid natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). And, no matter your operating requirements, we can provide coils of stainless steel tubing up to lengths of 6,000 feet.



Solar Dishes

Thin-walled, stainless steel tubes play an important role in the design of solar dishes and panels. After welding or brazing the tubes to a thermally conductive black metal plate, they’re covered with a glass sheet. This assembly collects thermal energy at the tubing, heating the water inside the unit.


Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts are used in many material handling operations. These fuel cells last much longer than batteries but still require refueling after an eight-hour shift. We provide seamless, long-coiled stainless steel tubing to connect hydrogen storage tanks to dispensers. Transporting hydrogen over long distances with this kind of tubing can save you time and money by reducing the labor and costs spent on welding and fitting fuel lines.


CNG Transfer

Constructing CNG fueling stations requires running long lengths of stainless steel tubing underground. Often, hundreds of feet of tubing must run from a compressor to high-pressure storage vessels and then to the fuel dispenser. Due to their long length, installing this tubing takes only a few hours, significantly reducing labor costs compared to welding short lengths of pipe.


LNG Transfer

A typical LNG fueling station includes the fuel storage, underground piping and pump (dispenser). Our long-length stainless steel coiled tubing is the safe choice for transferring LNG, and we can install the tubes in a fraction of the time it takes to weld pipes.


Geothermal Systems

When designing geothermal systems, material selection has a big impact on the system’s performance and resilience. While stainless steel reduces the chances of corrosion, geothermal applications present more serious durability challenges, such as intergranular corrosion.

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