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When it comes to aerospace and defense, you need highly durable and precision-engineered parts from your suppliers. We provide seamless stainless steel tubing that can withstand the punishment of harsh environments and meets the stringent safety standards you require.

We rigorously test our seamless stainless steel tubing’s mechanical properties, chemical composition, defects and corrosion resistance to ensure our products pass muster and meet precise military specifications (MIL-SPEC) and industry benchmarks.



Crafting Top-Tier Airframes

Aircraft component manufacturers rely on our stainless steel tubing to improve the quality of their products and the safety of their customers, with our stainless steel tubing playing a critical role in structures like fuselages, wings and undercarriages. In addition, high-quality coupling materials, along with advanced design and manufacturing methods, enhance the aircraft’s aerodynamics while balancing performance, reliability and cost.


Gas Return Tubes for Automatic Firearms

You can use our stainless steel tubing as the plenum in gas-operated automatic firearms. Because the plenum transfers excess energy from a discharged round, the tubing must sustain extreme pressures and temperatures. We manufacture gas return stainless steel plenum tubes that meet one or more chamber walls of the gun barrel and maintain the required gas pressure. In addition, you can use this tubing system to retrofit gas-operated firearms that incorporate a traditional gas block design.


Plumbing High-Pressure Fluid Systems

Aircraft require stainless steel tubing that can withstand the high pressures of fuel, oil, coolant, oxygen, instrument and hydraulic lines. Although critical to the aircraft’s performance, these fluid systems encounter harsh environmental factors that degrade their components. Welded tubing is discouraged in these applications, as the welds increase the likelihood of defects.

A far better option is seamless stainless steel tubing, which plays a role in the operation of breaks, flaps, landing gear and fire control systems. Our durable, corrosion-resistant tubing can endure the rugged operating conditions associated with high-pressure fluid systems, all while maintaining optimal performance. And, we offer tubing with high tensile strength that meets the design requirements of critical aerospace components, including thin walls and a lightweight construction.

Do you need tubing for rugged, high-pressure applications?

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