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Instruments used in chromatography, medical device and measurement applications require durable, high-purity components. At HandyTube, we manufacture coiled tubing that eliminates the possibility of assembly defects that arise from welding multiple tubing sections.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel or nickel alloy, our tubing is manufactured to close tolerances and high purity standards. This ensures that it excels in precision life sciences applications and provides contaminant- and defect-free solutions.




Chromatography continues to play a critical role in life sciences, pharmaceutical research, environmental analysis and other industries relying on chemical separation and purification methods. Successful chromatography applications require equipment with clean and reliable plumbing in order to provide accurate results and chemically pure products.

Our customers rely on our durable and contamination-free, precision-engineered tubing to successfully address their chromatography needs. Our proprietary Chroma Clean and Chromat ID technologies make our seamless, stainless steel tubing perfect for chromatographic operations.


Chroma Clean

When your mission is chemical purification and analysis, it’s critical for your chromatography plumbing to be free of contamination. We take great care to ensure our products are pure according to the most stringent requirements with our Chroma Clean technology.

After manufacturing the tubing, we flush the whole coil with deionized (DI) water at high pressures and high temperatures. We measure the expelled water, which passes through a filter, to determine if any contaminants were collected. We continue to flush the coil until the filter shows no remaining particulate and grease, guaranteeing every product is consistent.

Cleaning and degreasing our tubing while it is coiled saves our customers a lot of time and resources that are better spent on more valuable tasks.


Chromat ID

Once in use, maintaining the sterility of your tubing between operation cycles can be its own challenge. While a material may look perfectly smooth to the naked eye, its surface is full of microscopic peaks and valleys that can accumulate contamination over time.

Our Chromat ID technology is a smooth inner diameter (ID) surface finish that ensures your tubing remains clean for as long as possible. Chromat ID provides IDs from 40 to 32 Ra depending on the tubing size, which enables precision chromatographic operations.


Medical Sciences

Handheld medical devices, such as surgical or dental equipment, require tight tolerances in their external plumbing. While these applications can employ welded tubing, our seamless tubing is cut to length after the manufacturing process, providing even tighter tolerances.



Measurement applications like temperature sensing require varying kinds of tubing for effective operation and accurate results. We customize the inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) of our tubing, as well as other mechanical properties, to provide you with the exact parts you need.

Need tubing for research, medical or chromatographic tasks?

Our stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing meets stringent purity, smoothness, pressure, and protection specifications required of medical, scientific and precision-measurement applications.

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